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Carsharing is self-explanatory. It is a modern ecological way for using a car anytime you need without the need of ownership.

ShareCar allows you to use a car exactly when you need it. When you don´t need it, you can just leave it for other users who need a car at the moment.

ShareCar offers its own cars. Sharing your car is not possible.

At the moment you can only use our services in Nitra.

Yes, we plan to expand to different cities and towns. You can send us your requests about ShareCar in your city.

The price of renting a car includes driving fuels, insurance, car services, seasonal tyres (summer and winter tyres), city parking card and highway electronic vignette.

The car rental price is charged based on the number of reserved hours and driven kilometres. That means you will be charged for the number of reserved hours and not for the hours you actually use the car. It is because we want to avoid wasted reservations when someone else could use our cars, but they cannot as the car is already reserved.

In case, that you bring the car back one whole hour before the end of the booking, this hour will not be charged, so don´t be afraid to book a car for few extra hours in case you get stuck somewhere in traffic or that your trip takes longer than expected.

The Access fee is a form of deposit for renting a car from ShareCar. It is for our protection against any misuse.

In case, that you decide to quit using our services, you will get your full deposit back.

Yes, the cars are legally insured and also have a collision insurance. In case o f an accident, please collaborate with the Police and other emergency forces.

The participation is calculated according to the degree of damage and based on your insurance selection.

Yes, it can. It is possible to register in ShareCar as a legal entity and then all of the charges will be charged to this legal entity.

If you drive the car for private purposes but you would like to charge single rides to a legal entity that is possible as well. While booking your car just choose “business drive” and write the name of the legal entity in the note.
Send us an email with a personal data of the given legal entity.

When you get all access information to the system of ShareCar, you can easily book a car using your laptop or your phone.

Each car has its own reserved park zone. The car needs to be returned back to the same zone from which it has been taken from.

Anyone who has a driving licence and is older than 21 years can use our ShareCar services.

1. First of all, you have to book a specific car for specific time slot. You will not be able to open a car without a prior booking.

2. The car will be unlocked if you place your chip card on a card reader placed from inside of the front window or by using the booking system in your mobile phone.

3. Once you open the car you use a car key that can be found in the car for locking and unlocking the car during your reservation. At the end of the booking, the car is locked again by placing a chip card to a card reader at the front window or via a booking ShareCar system in your mobile phone.

There is a fuel CCS card in each car. Thanks to this card you pay any fuel expanses on us.

Yes, you can have a ShareCar car washed. Please, use the CCS card placed in your car for this.

Yes, this is possible. At this moment we can offer you a child seat, roof rack and a bike rack. If you want to borrow some accessories, please write exactly which one you would like to borrow in notes while making a booking, so we can prepare a car for you on time with all your requested accessories.

Yes, the car could be driven by another person who needs to have a driving licence, but you have to be aware that you are still the only responsible person for the car.

Yes, you can drive the car abroad. Please let us know in advance about your intentions because in some countries you need to have an approval of car owner with you.
As the user of the car you are obliged to pay all the highways fees abroad.

Yes, you can have more chip cards for one account, for example for your family members or for your employees.

Every additional card is charged according to the current price list.

In an event of a technical issue stop the car at a safe place, for example on the roadside or a car park. If anything happens call us at the phone number +421 948 299 671 and we will give you an assistance.

In case of health problems contact an ambulance first.


NRCAR, s.r.o., prevádzkovateľ ShareCar, so sídlom Mostná 13, 949 01 Nitra, IČO: 51256011 DIČ: 2120658320, Spoločnosť zapísaná do obchodného registra Oddiel Sro, číslo vložky 44669/N

1. Ak ste Užívateľom ShareCar a nie ste spokojný/á so službami, ktoré vám ShareCar poskytuje, tento Reklamačný poriadok upravuje proces vybavenia vašich reklamácií.

2. Aby mohla byť vaša reklamácia náležite vybavená, skontrolujte, či ste uviedli nasledujúce informácie:

a) Meno, priezvisko, adresu,
b) Popis reklamácie,
c) Označenie skutočností, ktoré poukazujú na reklamáciu a vaše tvrdenia (dôkazy),
d) Akú formu nápravy žiadate,
e) váš podpis (pokiaľ reklamáciu doručujete písomne alebo osobne)

3. Pokiaľ sa rozhodnete podať reklamáciu, môžete tak urobiť pomocou Komunikačných kanálov podľa VOP: e-mailom na adresu info@sharecar.sk, poštou na adresu sídla: NRCAR, s.r.o., Mostná 13, 949 01 Nitra alebo osobne do rúk osoby z vedenia spoločnosti.

4. Po úspešnom odoslaní reklamácie vám ShareCar pomocou Komunikačných kanálov potvrdí jej prijatie, a informuje vás o spôsobe a termíne jej vybavenia. ShareCar vybaví vašu reklamáciu bez zbytočného omeškania, najneskôr však do 30 dní odo dňa prijatia. V zložitých prípadoch ShareCar vybaví vašu reklamáciu najneskôr do 6 mesiacov odo dňa prijatia, pričom vás na túto skutočnosť a dôvody vopred upozorní do 30 dní odo dňa prijatia.

5. Pokiaľ reklamácia nebude obsahovať všetky potrebné informácie na jej riadne vybavenie, vyzve vás ShareCar na doplnenie reklamácie v dodatočnej lehote. Pokiaľ tak v dodatočnej lehote neurobíte, bude vaša reklamácia vyhodnotená ako neoprávnená.

6. Náklady na zaslanie a prípravu reklamácie nesiete vy. Náklady na vybavenie reklamácie na seba berie ShareCar; tým ale nie je dotknuté právo ShareCar na náhradu vzniknutých nákladov v prípade neoprávnenej reklamácie.

7. V prípade, že sa reklamácia týka služieb tretej strany, ktorú ShareCar využíva, odporučí vám ShareCar obrátiť sa s reklamáciou priamo na tretiu stranu; ShareCar vám bude nápomocný pri jej riešení v maximálnej možnej miere.

8. V prípade sporu a nespokojnosti s výsledkom vybavenia reklamácie a nemožnosti dosiahnutia zmieru so ShareCar sa prípadne môžete obrátiť na súd.

9. Vzťahy medzi vami a ShareCar neupravené týmto Reklamačným poriadkom sa riadi Zmluvou, Všeobecnými obchodnými podmienkami (VOP) ShareCar a všeobecne záväznými predpismi. Neprehliadnite pojmy začínajúce veľkým písmenom. Ich význam je uvedený vo Všeobecných obchodných podmienkach ShareCar.

10. ShareCar je oprávnené zmeniť tento Reklamačný poriadok a jeho aktuálnu verziu zverejniť na internetových stránkach www.sharecar.sk a pomocou Komunikačných kanálov najneskôr v deň účinnosti.

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