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Big Oak and Golianovo pond

Nice city to relax and for taking a few photos.

The cycle path starts at the Chrenová housing estate on Dlhá Street. Continue along the common sidewalk for cyclists and pedestrians to the village of Janíkovce. Just before the beginning of the village there is a bicycle boat, with benches and a shelter. You will also find a map of the area here. Here are two ways to proceed. If you go left after the bike path, you will climb the hill above the village of Janíkovce for about 20 minutes. The cycle path is a bypass of the village, pedal over the village and continue along the cycle path. If you don’t dare to do that, you have the opportunity to go directly through the village and reduce your pedaling uphill. Take the main road called Dlhá and at the nearest turn, turn left onto Hlavná Street. Continue straight on until you come to a Y crossroads, go left onto Rabčeková Street, later again Y to the left towards Golianovská Street. You will walk around the cemetery until you get out of the village and continue  still straight on the road. When you reach a fork in the road, turn right. Turning to the left is the mentioned bypass of the village by a cycle path, so here both variants are connected. Continue along the road until you encounter the old Oak. It’s a nice place to relax and a taking few photos. This way you can continue to the village of Golianovo and then go all the way to the Golianovo pond.